Ensuring certified provenance and
exceptional ethics, from discovery to design

Our transparent end-to-end business model allows Maison Mazerea to retain complete control over our diamonds, at every step of the value chain, at every stage of the creative process. Since the diamonds never leave our hands, we make a promise of unimpeachable provenance, without dependence on blockchain technology.

Perfect Traceability

We hand-select the rough at source from just a few mines around the world either owned by Maison Mazerea or in which we have complete trust and confidence. We refuse to mine or source our rough diamonds from zones of conflict, or regions with questionable ethical, financial or human rights records. Our polished diamonds are produced in our own Grand Atelier, and each stone is carefully traced through the entire process from discovery to design.

Far surpassing GIA requirements, the Appellation Mazerea™ certification sets new standards of guaranteed quality, cut, provenance and ESG in diamond sourcing and crafting. Like the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) system, the Appellation Mazerea™ code is rigorously enforced.

The Northern Lights shimmer in silence over a remote lake in Nova Scotia. Long exposure with light painting.

For People & Planet

True to the vision and humanity of Cardinal Mazarin, Maison Mazerea strives to go well beyond mere compliance in our commitments to Environmental, Social and Governance principles.  

We have an intimate and mutually beneficial relationship both with local communities and ecosystems at the very source of our diamonds, as well as with our final jewellery customers. This allows for a unique connection between customers and communities and an opportunity for sharing the benefits of hyper-luxury with some of the planet’s most remote and underprivileged societies, in some of the most fragile environments in the world. 

Giving Back

Using our independent non-profit arm, Fondation Mazerea™, Maison Mazerea will take a portion of all retail jewellery revenue and redirect these funds back into select local projects and sponsorships. Through this approach, discerning purchasers of High Jewellery creations will be able to share a small part of their good fortune in ways that can make a meaningful difference at the source, where the funds are most needed.