Inspired by the fabulous 17th century
diamond collection of Cardinal Jules Mazarin 

Introducing a game-changing new source for natural Fancy Colour Diamonds.
Specialising in the rarest coloured diamonds of irreproachable provenance,
Maison Mazerea is the world’s first Haute Diamanterie Maison.

Maison Mazerea has direct access to mines yielding some of the rarest coloured diamonds in the world. We carefully select the rough material at source and own the entire process from discovery to design, from rough to polished, from mine to masterpiece jewel. 

Returning to a style dating to the court of Louis XIV at Versailles, our diamonds are distinguished by their hand-crafted character. The soul of each stone is brought to light through months of cutting and hand-polishing by Master Craftsmen, reviving a range of heritage cuts that enhance the hue and saturation of the coloured diamonds.

And beyond the inspiring beauty of each diamond lies a quality that is just as rare; unimpeachable sourcing and perfect traceability, made possible by a vertically-integrated business model that is unique in the diamond industry. 

With complete control over the entire value chain, we bring the finest-quality large Fancy Colour diamonds from hand-picked mines across the world, through our Grand Atelier in Australia, right to Place Vendôme in the very heart of Paris. Inspired by the past but focused on the future, Maison Mazerea restores the soul, personality and individuality to exceptional Fancy Colour diamonds through meticulous cutting and hand-polishing by world renowned artisans.