Where Stones Become Stars

Specialising in the rarest coloured diamonds of irreproachable provenance, Maison Mazerea is the world’s first Haute Diamanterie Maison.

Returning to a style that dates back to the court of Louis XIV at Versailles, we cut and hand-polish each stone to reveal its unique character and natural beauty. And beyond the inspiring beauty of each diamond lies a quality that is just as rare; unimpeachable sourcing and perfect traceability, made possible by a vertically-integrated business model that is unique in the diamond industry. Inspired by the past but focused on the future, Maison Mazerea restores the soul, personality and individuality to exceptional Fancy Colour diamonds through meticulous cutting and hand-polishing by world renowned artisans.


The Grace

Named in honour of Princess Grace,
Maison Mazerea presents one of the
rarest pink diamonds in the world. 

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Placing our diamonds in the hands of today’s most innovative High Jewellery talents, we work directly with High Jewellery designers to source and craft individual bespoke diamonds for their creations.

“Qui a le coeur, a tout”
He who has heart, has everything
Cardinal Jules Mazarin

Jules Mazarin

The Inspiration behind Maison Mazerea, Cardinal Mazarin was mentor and godfather to the Sun King, Louis XIV, and the visionary First Minister of France who assembled an extraordinary collection of diamonds that became the foundation of the French Crown Jewels. In many ways he can be seen as the father of French luxury, establishing the High Jewellery expertise and the Haute Diamanterie for which Paris is now world-renowned.